Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For once, I arranged to meet up with G after work so we could travel home together. This was for no other reason that that I looked at my watch as I was leaving work and realised we would be travelling home at about the same time. So we agreed to rendezvous part way through our journey and I was waiting for G to arrive at which point I realised there was some engineering work going on and this meant the trains were not running as normal. This did not make for a pleasant journey home (in that the train was very crowded, we had a nice chat though). Having never arranged to meet G like that on the way home before, I felt as though I had picked quite the wrong opportunity to be inspired to do so. Timing is everything.

I have really got out of the habit of going for lunch time walks. Yesterday I had to really force myself to go out. I actually had a couple of things in mind to do if I went out, but decided only to do one of them so that I could pace myself in order to have a reason to force me to go out tomorrow. I really do not think that 2010 has been good for me so far in terms of exercise and I need to get back into the habit of it or I will end up ten stone over weight and with a vitamin D deficiency.



.... and with a vitamin D deficiency and rickets ;-) TFx

Kahless said...

Why dont you wait until it is a little warmer to resume the lunch walk?

Random Reflections said...

TF - I hadn't thought of rickets as well. It gets worse!

Kahless - I really need the exercise and I also like to clear my head. If I wait for a 'good' day to go out, I might never set foot outside on a lunch break ever again!