Thursday, January 07, 2010


So, I made it into work yesterday and I was only about 15 minutes later than normal. The desk move also took place – and it was a good job I went in given that there was no-one else there to sort it out from my team. I did go home early though as it was snowing a lot, and, as it happened, G left work at the same time so we met up and travelled home together.

I feel as though I haven’t quite caught up with the year as yet. What with having to sort out some of the logistic of moving desks and catching up on work from over Christmas and the snow, it has meant that things have not felt quite settled. I also have the scary training starting again on Saturday and I don’t really feel mentally prepared for that – not least because I have not constantly been memorising the ‘script’ we are meant to know. If I don’t know it properly I think I will get told off. This volunteering thing is rather hard work at times – and I haven’t even started it properly yet.

Anyway, it’s time to go back out in the snow again.


Kahless said...

I got scared for the first time last week as I thought I was stuck in my car for the night. And I needed the loo and there was no bushes!

Luckily I have a 4wd so eventually I bit the bullet, drove along a grass verge and drove the wrong way up a slip road to get off the road I was on. a 20 minute journey took 4 hours!

The snow is so boring now dont you think?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - how awful for you! I am glad you made it home ok - and didn't get arrested for weeing anywhere inappropriate.

I am *very* bored of the snow, particularly as it makes my cold feel worse when I am out in it and it also means I cannot summon up the energy to go out for a walk at lunch time. It's time to warm up!