Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I seem to have mislaid my mobile phone somewhere. It might be on my desk at work. Or it might not. On the way home I did wonder if I knew where it was. I had a search through my bag and pockets, but it didn’t show up. I know I had it at work, but beyond that I have no recollection. Although, if I knew where it was, I guess it wouldn’t be lost. So I phoned my mobile phone company when I got home and asked them to block the phone, just in case I wasn’t just incompetent and left it on my desk (although I guess a cleaner or some such might pilfer it. More fool them…). When I get to work today, I’ll see if I am reunited with it.

I read the article about the hostage Peter Moore’s account of his captivity and I could just imagine the moment he described when he was met by someone from the Foreign Office and the sense of relief he must have felt to be told he was finally going home.

"The first time I really believed I was being released was when I stepped out of the vehicle and somebody from the Foreign Office walked up to me and said they were from the Foreign Office and they were there to take me home."


Kahless said...

I havent read your post yet so I dont know if you have found your mobile phone yet!

I guess I will found out in a mo!

I havent followed much of Peter's Moore account, but I must say I think he was pretty stupid to go work out in the Middle East?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - mobile found and reconnected!

I guess stupid but certainly irresponsible. The four men who were killed were there as his bodyguards. Admittedly they all went there willingly but four people died who were there for "public protection" reasons. I am sure that isn't what they signed up for.