Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Feeling better healthwise unfortunately means having to catch up on the chores. I spend an hour and a half last night doing various household jobs. Perhaps it was better being unwell. G helped with some of the chores and also cooked the dinner. I went into the kitchen while G was serving up the food and politely enquired why the side of the toaster had somehow got cooked. We now have a somewhat burnt looking patch on one side of the toaster. G had noticed a slightly odd smell, but somehow didn’t notice the source of it. Dinner was nice though.

“Smells” reminded me that yesterday morning there was a homeless man on the tube. He seemed liked a nice chap, but was very, very smelly. I felt quite bad for him though because he kept moving his bags in case they were in the way of anyone who wanted to sit down in the seat next to him, but everyone who approached the seat would suddenly clock him with his various bottles and cans of alcohol and also smell him and would then walk off. He even spilt his beer at one point and then he got out a tissue and mopped it all up. I thought that maybe it was quite hurtful to him that people were seemingly so repulsed by him, but I was no better than anyone else because I didn’t get too close.


Kahless said...

I once worked with a man who had a health problem that meant he smelt - it was the worse smell in the whole wide world - strong and, well, nauseating. He wasnt in my office but if someone saw him come down the corridor we would all quickly open all of the windows. I felt bad but there was no other way you could stop from puking.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - that sounds very unpleasant. I once worked with someone who had incredibly smelly feet and other general hygiene issues. In the end my boos spoke to her and asked her to try and address some of her more challenging smells... I am glad it was not me who had to do that.