Thursday, January 28, 2010


My phone was indeed at work, so I got it connected again last night. So that was relief to get it all sorted so easily.

I am someone who likes their sleep and needs a lot of it. I felt rather chastened at feeling hard done by if I get less than eight hours a night, when one of my colleagues told me that she has not slept for more than two hours at a time since the birth of her daughter nearly two years ago. I just cannot comprehend going for such a long period of time without a decent night’s sleep. The very thought of it is hard enough, let alone the reality.

On the way home tonight there were these two men talking to each other on the tube. One of them worked in banking and his friend asked him how old he was when he left home. He replied “27, 28 when I got married”. He said this a couple of times and I thought it was very oddly imprecise. He wasn’t correcting himself, “27, 28” was the actual answer. Surely people would remember how old they were when they got married. Then he was saying that shortly after he got married he went to work in Hong Kong for a few months. His friend asked how long he had been there for and he said “Three to six months”. Three to six months? What kind of an answer is that? Given that he worked in baking, I think we now have an understanding of where our current financial woes stem from.


Sarah said...

I love that story, and it is even funnier with the minor typo towards the end. Imagine a baker that imprecise... Soggy dough and charred relics!

Are all overheard tube conversations this entertaining? I feel that I may be missing a trick.

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - I hadn't noticed my typo! Oops, it's a good job I am not in banking (or baking for that matter).

I do hear a lot of odd conversations on the tube (and as I wander around London). Perhaps it is because people aren't actually allowed to speak on the tube, so if they do break this important rule, they have to make it worthwhile for their fellow commuters.

Kahless said...

Mrs K and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a number of years ago and 6 months later we finally calculated we had only actually been together for 9 years. And I say a number of years ago cos I cant remember unless I look it up (we have written it down for times like these...)

Maybe it is a banker thing!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - how funny! If you had a big party, I guess you could just take the presents as an early gift for the next year!

Yes, the world of banking has a lot to answer for.