Thursday, January 21, 2010


I suffered my first work “defeat” yesterday. Not my first ever you understand, but I think it is the first since I started working where I do now. My team had come up with a proposal to change how some of our work is dealt with, and, as far as I knew, the other managers were in favour of this change and it was just a matter of agreeing the details of it. What actually happened was that they all just flat refused to do introduce the change, so in the end I said my team would do it for our own work and they could carry on as they were. The thing is that I am very hopeful that my team will reap some real benefits from this (relatively minor) change and I suspect other teams will complain that they were not allowed to do it too. I shall have to bite my tongue and not say that they had the chance but their managers said no. It’s times like this that I am very grateful for having such an enthusiastic and willing team.

Yesterday on the way into work I concluded that I really need to get my eyes tested. I have been feeling rather tired and have not been working as fast as normal as a result and have been wondering if it had been eyesight related. So when I got to work I phoned an optician to make an appointment. They fitted me in at lunchtime. I got my eyes tested. I found my eyesight had actually improved a bit meaning one of lenses was now too strong. I picked some new glasses. I went back after work and picked up the glasses. Sorted.


Kahless said...

Cool. Glad you got it sorted.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - it is such an improvement. I am glad it was so easy to do as well. I was just being a slacker really and should have sorted it ages ago.