Monday, July 07, 2008


Another weekend over and I’m now on the final countdown to going on holiday. Not a moment too soon.

It was quite a nice weekend. Friday night I met G’s (now ex) work colleagues. I have to say that I really disliked one of G’s managers, which is partly because she is a bully and I knew this in advance, but also because I found her to be a thoroughly unpleasant person anyway. I think a great cloud has been lifted from G’s shoulders to be starting a new job today.

One of G’s friends stayed over on Friday night and then was about most of the day on Saturday as well, which was very pleasant and an excuse to east scones and cakes and drink tea. After he’d gone we watched the film Crash, which for the first hour or so I found incredibly depressing and violent, but then the rest of it, whilst still quite depressing and violent put a totally different spin on things and turned out to be a really good film – about how things are not totally black and white and good people do bad things and bad people do good things and how we might object to how people treat us but then we might well end up doing exactly the same to others. Really interesting film and quite challenging.

On Sunday I commented to G that there is no set size for a football pitch and G just did not believe this (that’s what comes of watching Scottish football I guess) and so I had to go and prove this. Am I ever wrong? Well I think it may have happened once, but I don’t recall the detail of it now… Anyway this was not that instance, as you can see here. Never doubt me…

However the big news of the weekend is that the lovely Tom Foolery has given me with an Arte Y Pico Award, which was a very pleasant surprise. I now have a standard to maintain it seems (I know it might come as a surprise that there is any rhyme or reason to this blog, but if you dig hard enough you might find it. Somewhere). Thanks TF. Much appreciated.


Kahless said...

Congrats on your award; well deserved!

Random Reflections said...

kahless - Thank you. Most kind.