Friday, July 04, 2008

Taking Part

The last few days a real tiredness has descended on me, which also seems to have made me feel a bit down. Anyway, yesterday was a day to lift my spirits, despite what might come into your mind when the words “work away day” are mentioned.

Whilst we sort of do the corporate thing, we usually spend the first half of the day doing something that is a bit of a laugh – and we don’t have to evaluate team building skills or say what we learnt from it etc, we just do it for the fun of it. This year, as we did last year, we had to make our way across London by following a set of clues, but also had to protect an item – that being a bear.

It has to be said that my team didn’t take it too seriously. We made reasonable progress to start with but, due to being misled by someone, decided we were so far off the pace that we might as well accept "it’s the taking part that counts”. So we just pottered around London and got to each of the places and did everything we were meant to do and stopped for a leisurely drink and just generally enjoyed the morning. We came in last time-wise, but it didn’t really matter because it wasn’t timed, as each team was going to the points in a different order and one was always going to get to the final point quickest because there’s was the most direct route, whereas we started almost at the end point and then headed further and further away. We also had to answer various very obscure questions and collect some items and I think there were other things that meant we scored points. Anyway, as it turned out, somehow the team I was in won. This was somewhat of a surprise, as we were really rubbish, so my personal theory is that one of my team mates slept with one of the judges, but it’s probably best not to look into that too much and just accept the victory.

I wouldn’t actually have been bothered if we had lost, as I still think there must have been something very dodgy about the scoring for us to win, but it was just such an enjoyable day and I work with really nice people as well so it put me in a really good mood (despite being in a bit of pain still now after slipping over at one point in the morning and hurting my hand and arm).

Anyway, I have a reasonably busy weekend ahead which starts with G’s leaving drinks tonight and a friend staying over at mine after that. Then various other activities planned for the rest of the weekend. Only one week to get and then I’m on holiday. Hooray!



Random, Sounds good. I had an "Away Day" yesterday which involved eating cakes plus a wonderful buffet followed by an art/photographic exhibition and they paid me! Have a great weekend :) TFX

Kahless said...

I arranged such a day for my team last week. We did a treasure hunt around Chester in the afternoon which was organised just like yours sounded like. We ended up at the pub at the end. It was a good day.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Random Reflections said...

TF - yes it was a good day and nowhere near as cultured as yours!

Kahless - Treasure hunts seems like a good idea, as they are fun without being demandng or embarassing (hopefully!). I think we'll have to come up with a different idea for next year though that is good fun but something a bit different. I'll have to apply my thinking cap...