Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things to see, people to do

G and I were thinking about going to Montreal in September but for a variety of reasons that isn’t looking possible now and we’re going to go next year instead. We’re going to Glasgow in September anyway, as G’s sister is getting married so we’re going to stay up there the following week and have a holiday. But we haven’t decided where or booked any flights or hired a car or done anything about it at all really. Perhaps we should think about that some time soon.

I was talking to the chap at work who has taken a bit of a shine to me – on Monday he even gave me an apple he had grown on his allotment. Anyway, yesterday he told me that if I was ever in an accident he would happily give me the kiss of life and he would try and make sure he hadn’t eaten garlic. I thanked him for thinking of me but said that I hoped I would never require his services.


PatP said...

I'm new to the 'blogging club' and saw you on TF's blog so came to say 'Hi'.
I like Aesop's fables, too, I once (long ago, sigh) rewrote some in rhyme for a kids' page I had in a newspaper.

Hope you enjoyed that apple!

Random Reflections said...

patp - welcome (and also welcome to blogging) and thanks for saying hi.

I'm enjoying Aesop's fables. I think I must have read some as a child but they probably werenlt told that accurately.

The apple is still sitting on my desk. I'm having trouble convincing myself to eat it.

I've popped over to your blog and will have a proper look at it asap.

Anonymous said...

If you're up in Glasgow, give me a shout if you fancy going for a coffee.

Kahless said...

That guy is odd... keep an eye on him eh.

titration said...

Too funny. Does he know you are taking, and by who?

Random Reflections said...

LKSN - will do. I may have to get G to act as translator though! I'm not sure how long we are going to be in Glasgow for, but I'll try and track you down while we're there.

kahless - yes he is odd, but I think harmless - and he gives me food so that always helps.

titration - he too is in a relationship (and is in his mid to late fifties) but I have no idea what his motivations is with his various comments. Odd...