Friday, July 25, 2008

Reasons to be grateful

I had a fairly successful day off and got various things done like getting my hair cut and mowing the grass and such things. At least now it is Friday and so I only have to get through today and it’s the weekend. G and I are going for a walk tomorrow, which should be nice, although I think we might be due thunderstorms tomorrow.

I got a letter from my power company yesterday asking me to phone them as they were about to issue me with a very high bill. I called them to find out what was going on and the chap said that according to meter readings I had used 22,000 units of electricity. That is really rather a lot… Anyway, after a bit of discussion it seems that a couple of meter readings ago they transposed my gas and electricity readings and this mean that there appeared to be a massive difference. The problem was fixed by them simply entering the figures the right way round, which is rather better than a bill of several thousand pounds.

I contacted the water company a few weeks ago to ask if they were going to provide compensation for cutting off our water supply. They wrote back and said that they would credit my bill by £40 for the inconvenience and them failing to do it within their set timescales. It seems it pays to ask. However, I spoke to one of my neighbours yesterday to see if she’d been given a credit (which the water company is obliged to pay and we shouldn’t have to ask for) and she said no. It seems that it definitely pays to ask.

If sometimes you think that you have life a bit tough then perhaps you can take comfort in your name not being Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Surely some people should not be allowed to breed. However, it seems that the name “Number 16 Bus Shelter” was acceptable. I know it would have been cruel but I was disappointed to see that someone was banned from calling their twins Fish and Chips. If you ever find the need to come up with names for children then I would really like you to give careful consideration to calling any offspring Fish and Chips, I for one would support you in that choice. Please.

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