Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a pleasant weekend in Southampton despite feeling rather under the weather before I drive down there on Friday night. We spent quite a bit of the weekend watching the Olympics, but we also went to the Spinnaker Tower, which I really liked and we had great view of the South Coast.

I was really impressed by our performance in the Olympics and getting to third place in the medal table was quite some achievement, although I imagine it won’t last. But we came up trumps in sailing, cycling, rowing and swimming, which was great. I was particularly impressed by Rebecca Romero who won a silver medal rowing in 2004 and has now won a gold in cycling this time. I did feel really gutted for the women in the quad sculls who got the silver. Whilst normally a silver would be great, they so desperately wanted the gold and when they were interviewed after the race you could just see how shattered they were by missing out. You can see the interview here.

We did also win a bronze in gymnastics, which was our first in about a century. Apparently Louis Smith had two ambitions in life (he’s only 19 so hopefully he still has more…) and one was to win an Olympic medal. The other was to become King of Jamaica. Well the Head of State is Elizabeth II, as in our monarch and so he might have to add “stage military coup” to the list in order to achieve that, as it doesn’t tend to be the sort of thing you can just apply for. I think we can conclude that he thinks big though.

As much as I like the cycling events, some of the ones in the velodrome are very weird. The keirin, for example, is about riding around behind a guy on a motorised bike and then after doing a few laps he goes off the track and the cyclists race each other. You can watch a video if it here. Weird.


titration said...

I haven't been able to watch any olympics really. That station doesn't come in on my TV. Which sucks but is probably good in the end since I haven't watched as much TV as I might if it worked. Alas. Thanks for keeping me updated. :) I could read the news of course buy why bother.

Random Reflections said...

titration - I can't belive that you don't get to watch the Olympics. It is the only sporting ecvent that is a must see for me (although I might be less keen if we were doing badly...).

In case you were wondering, the US are doing ok. They've won a few medals.

Kahless said...

Hey, I liked Rebecca too; very impressed. She reminded me of someone but couldnt think who.

Random Reflections said...

kahless - yes she was great. I think she reminded me of someone to but I can't decide if it is someone I know personally or someone famous.

I also thought she was a very likeable person, very driven as well...