Friday, August 22, 2008


We’re nearly at a bank holiday weekend. Hooray! I think it should be a fairly busy, but pleasant, weekend. Tomorrow I think I’m meeting up with my sister and mum and nephew and Sunday I think G and I are going for a walk somewhere. I am also hoping that G will find time to have a look at my vacuum cleaner to see if there is some way to stop it keeping getting blocked. I’m not sure that will be the highlight of G’s weekend…

At lunch time yesterday I walked passed the lifts on my floor, as a colleague stepped into the lift. There was someone else in the lift already and I then overheard the following conversation:

Person 1: So where are you off to then?
Person 2: well, I haven’t got a particular plan I was just going to wander about for a bit and see where I ended up.
Person1: Right… Er… I meant what floor do you want…

You probably would have had to have been there to have picked up the full (but slightly toe-curling) humour, but somehow I wasn’t surprised by my colleague misunderstanding the question.

I shall leave you with this example of some bad parking I saw recently. Parking really must be at a premium these days.



I very "uplifting" story. Sorry I just couldn't resist :) Have a great weekend. BTW The PIC got the job :) TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - That's great news about the PIC. You must be so relieved! Congratulations.