Friday, August 15, 2008

And the bronze medal goes to...

Well the sore throat developed and on the way back from a meeting at lunch time yesterday I had to get some cold and flu remedy. That gave me a brief respite, but by the time I left work I felt terrible. I couldn’t got straight home though because I needed to go and buy some theatre tickets, so I waited for a bus but it didn’t show up and then I caught another bus to try and take a different bus later on, but the other bus didn’t turn up and then I caught another different bus and got stuck in bad traffic and was beginning to wish that I had a) walked or b) just not even bothered and just gone home. About an hour after leaving work I finally made it to the theatre and bought the tickets and then when I went to get on the tube that was packed despite it being about 7pm and I just wished I could just be at home already. I made it home eventually despite the tube driver insisting that the train was going to a different destination to the one it said on the boards and finally took some more medication that made me feel a bit better for a short time. I hate being ill. But I plan to go into work today, as I covet my perfect sickness record – I haven’t been off work sick for over seven years and so unless I could not move I would always try to go in. Perhaps I should find more important things to care about.

I heard that A’s dad died at the weekend. What sad news. Despite our differences, we did used to be very good friends and I feel sad for A. What I would like to do is reach out a hand of kindness to A and just say “I am sorry for your loss”, but unfortunately I can’t do that. But still, I am.

Anyway… I’m meant to be going to Southampton this weekend, which should be good. This does depend on me feeling well enough to drive down there though.

And penultimately… wherever you live surely you would recognise it in a photo? Even if you didn’t surely you’d expect your local council to know what it looks like. Well, it seems that Birmingham doesn’t. Regardless, it was worth spending £15,000 to send out 750,000 leaflets to pat residents on the back about how good they have been at recycling so that all the leaflets can then be put into local residents recycling bins and this help them to truly exceed their recycling target. All in all, an entirely successful campaign.

Well finally, I may have found a way for us to increase our medal haul. This one is going spare. If he doesn’t want it, I’ll have it.


Kahless said...

A bad loser indeed!

Random Reflections said...

kahless - oh yes indeed. I'm still willing to accept it instead though.