Thursday, August 21, 2008


It’s been a fairly busy week, which does not help me to achieve my new aim of eight and a half hours sleep a night. Tuesday night I went to see Hairspray with my mum and sister, which was very good. Michael Ball was very good in it, as was pretty much all of the cast members actually – and it was fairly obvious that this has some kind of cult following, as a lot of people in the audience were clearly there having seen it many times before. People’s enthusiasm was so high that they even applauded the recorded announcement asking people to turn their mobile phones off. Anyway it was very good and do go and see it if you get the chance.

Then last night I went to my sister’s to babysit for my nephew. On the train on the way over, the ticket inspector and a passenger were having a big argument on the train because the man had been sitting in the first class seats without a valid ticket. Both of them were really winding each other up and whilst the chap shouldn’t have been sitting in the first class seats the ticket guy was making it worse by saying stupid things like he was going to arrest the man and the man then told him to arrest him and then the ticket guy said he hadn’t said that (even though he had) and that it was an arrestable offence. A call ended up being put out on the train for a police officer. Any police officer should have arrested them both for being complete idiots. It was not the only incident on the train last night, as there is an unattended Cumberland Pie on a train somewhere, as my sister left my dinner on the train on the way home last night. She didn’t really have any other food to offer me so I had two boiled eggs and some soldiers for dinner.

I did manage to summon up the energy to phone a solicitor yesterday to talk to him about the possibility of buying the freehold. He was soooooo helpful and I hope if we do buy the freehold that we use him. Strangely not only did he know *exactly* where I live, but clearly knew of the current freeholder, as he told me of various problems he’d had when he’d been the solicitor for someone who previously lived there. I was somewhat surprised by his level of knowledge and he must have a very good memory to know all the things he did. Anyway, he gave me some really helpful advice on how to proceed and did basically say we really need to buy the freehold, as dealing with our particular freeholder is so awful that we are just storing up problems for the future by not doing so. However, the freehold could prove to be very expensive, so it does depend if we can all afford to do it – although I am going to suggest to my neighbours that we go for a really low offer in the hope that the freeholder doesn’t contest it.

Oh and I was wondering about adding this song to my repertoire to sing to G… (It's 'You're Timeless to Me' from Hairspray)

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