Friday, August 29, 2008


I had a busy day yesterday, not least because I had to go and sort out my new member of staff being evicted from her desk. She is sitting somewhere else at the moment and when she got in yesterday someone was sitting at her desk. I went off to crack some heads together and managed to get it sorted out. I spoke to a couple of people and I did wonder if it might come down to having a punch up with someone else to gain ownership of the desk. Fortunately it didn’t come to that though. I would have won though, as the other person already had an injured hand, so I would have used that to my advantage. Don’t mess with me.

Do you remember doing things for the first time – first day at school, riding a bike, first date? Well do you remember the first time you took a flight? You turned up at the airport, checked in, handed over your luggage and then thought “now where do I go to get on the flight?”. Did you think “I’ll hop on the conveyor belt where I’ve just left my suitcase because that is bound to get me on the flight”? Well, this lady did. They did manage to retrieve her, but only after she had accidentally been sent with a number of unidentified bags to be sorted in Rome before being returned to their owners*.

If you aren’t keen on spiders then don’t look at this link. If it had been me who thought they had a spider like that in my house, I would probably move out and never return. As an antidote to that though, check this out. Awwww. Much cuter.

*Part of that sentence *may* be a lie.


(no subject) said...

thats quite an interesting story. i guess if i had never been to an airport and was told how to get on a plane, i might do that too tho. lol. and that is a REAL cute picture of a monkey =)
hope you enjoy your weekend!

Random Reflections said...

no subject - if I am ever at an airport with you, I will make sure I keep a close eye on you.

I had a good weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours too.