Monday, August 11, 2008


Another good weekend over. Despite a somewhat wet weekend, it was a good barbecue and we ate lots and chatted. I was commissioned to make some scones and they turned out remarkably well, although if I did it another time I would make them bigger. I spent quite a bit of the time at the barbecue talking to a 5 year old who was totally bored out of her mind. She was there with her brother who was deeply absorbed in some computer game and so she didn’t have a lot to do. So we chatted for a while, although at times it was like pulling teeth. I did see if the hosts had a pack of cards, but it seems they didn’t. Who doesn’t have a pack of cards??

The slight downer of it all was that it seems that this was the second barbecue they’d had in the last few weeks and normally G would have been asked to anything that was going on, but for some reason wasn’t asked to the last one – which C was asked to. They haven’t actually seen or spoken to each other since the argument a couple of months ago and there is a part of me that wonders if there is some move to exclude G from things because it therefore means that I’m not there. That would be very unfair on G and would not bode well for the future, in terms of friendships. I’ll keep an eye on things and see if there are other strange happenings.

I finished reading Strangers on a Train yesterday, which I quite enjoyed. I did always have this slight paranoia that one day whilst reading it on the train someone might try and put some deadly proposition to me. Fortunately that didn't happen. It had an interesting quote in it that made me think:

“The Theological Germanica, Guy recalled, said that the ancient Germans had judged an accused man innocent or guilty by the number of friends who came forth to vouch for his character. How many would vouch for him now?”

I wonder how many would vouch for me? In the past I think rather more than would now. As I seem to have let so many people drift from my life and seem just as lax about building up new friendships. Although I suppose we shouldn’t judge these things by quantity but by quality. Let’s hope the Germans aren’t right though.

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