Monday, August 04, 2008

And the good news is...

Another weekend over and a reasonably busy week ahead. I have various things in my diary pretty much all day today, tomorrow I’m on a course and Wednesday I am speaking at a conference. At some point I might find time to do some actual work. But to be honest it is quite nice to be busy, as work is making me feel a bit miserable at the moment. I just find it quite boring and I am also doing the majority of my work on my own at the moment and I miss the interaction with other people. I am still hoping to find a new job at some point that interests me more.

I had a nice time on Saturday with my family and my nephew was on good form and we spent ages running up and down the garden while we were trying to get 50p off him. Only the rules of the game kept changing and sometimes he would just hand over the money (which I would then give him back) and it also turns out that at three years old he doesn’t actually know the value of money, as it was very easy to get him to exchange his money for a one pence piece. I could have made my fortune, I tell you!

There have been some horrible stories in the news of late. I was particularly horrified by this one. Basically a man travelling on a long distance bus in Canada was stabbed to death and decapitated by a fellow traveller. They were complete strangers. Then yesterday I read that a man had decapitated his girlfriend in Greece. There is so much awful stuff in the news at the moment. People being killed or doing terrible things to one another. Perhaps I should stop listening to the news, it is just so depressing at the moment.

More light-hearted items on the BBC at the moment though. First, you can follow reporter who is trying to cut down on her plastic usage. You can also look at a clip from a BBC programme that is about Britain from above. I found it kind of fascinating to watch it.

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