Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It was a fairly successful Bank Holiday weekend and I return to work today and have a new member of staff starting to work for me, so I had better be on reasonable form, so that I don’t scare her off on her first day.

The weekend went well and G and I met up with my mum, sister and nephew on Saturday and we went to the South Bank. My nephew loved all the street performers there – particularly as he got us to give him money to get them to do things. He also really liked the water exhibit outside the Royal Festival Hall and stood there staring at it for ages. I kept asking it he wanted to go in it but he gave me several very definite nos. But after a cuppa and some food he wanted to go back and then G and I went and stood in the water at which point he decided he was missing out and dragged mum in and then he was dashing in and out for ages. He got so wet that we had to strip him down to his underpants in the end. G considered doing the same but was persuaded that thus would be inappropriate.

G and I were going to go out for a walk on Sunday but I asked G to look at my vacuum cleaner and this turned out to be a mammoth task that took about five hours to fix. This was really helpful for me, but possibly not the most exciting thing to have done with a day, but we did then have a Chinese takeaway in the evening.

Then yesterday we did go for a walk and after G had gone home I mowed the grass and put some stuff on it to make it look a bit more grass like and put weed killer down. Then I went to see my friend C for dinner, which was really nice and we sat in the garden and chatted and it was a very pleasant end to the weekend.

Now it’s back to work and at least I am on leave as of the middle of next week…

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