Thursday, August 07, 2008


The talk I gave yesterday went quite well. Initially I thought the audience was quite hostile and was thinking that it was going to be a bit of a rough ride, but actually it went much better than expected and ended up being very constructive – and the chap who was chairing the meeting came up to me afterwards and gave my shoulders a kind of squeeze* when he was enthusiastically saying thank you.

The BBC have run a couple of articles on what makes men cry. Not being male, clearly I don’t need to come up with a definitive list of things that I am allowed to cry at, but I have to admit that a couple of the things on the list made me cry just reading them (see numbers 61 and 70 in particular). Sometimes I am very pathetic.

Lesson of the week – ‘bum’ is a naughty word. I learnt this when I used the word in front of my nephew, who looked horrified and promptly told me that I was naughty for using it. I spoke to my sister about it later and she confirmed that it was indeed a naughty word. You learn something new every day.

*slightly weird, but not in a creepy sort of way.

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