Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clearing up

I’m still feeling decidedly out of sorts with my cold, but fortunately yesterday was not too strenuous a day as most of the afternoon was taken up with a Christmas lunch and then I got to head off home early.

We had a really nice lunch though. We went to an Italian restaurant and it was a very laid back atmosphere and all the food was really good. I had mozzarella and tomato and then turkey followed by tiramisu. I think it’s one of the best Christmas meals I have had. Over the last few years practically every place I have worked has gone to Porters in Covent Garden and each time I go there I just wonder what the fuss is about (and they have a really poorly designed website as well). They are probably fine during the rest of the year but at Christmas the food is mass produced, a bit dry and you’re shoved out the door as soon as your time slot is nearing its end. Not my idea of a good time and much more expensive as well. So yesterday was pleasant change and a big improvement.

I was amused by an item in yesterday’s London Paper about Alan Davies (of QI and Jonathan Creek fame) apparently having bitten the ear of a homeless man who was giving him a bit of a hard time. It said “Davies, 41, a vegetarian, chewed the ear for 13 seconds making it bleed before other revellers separated the pair.” Could we just clarify the relevance of mentioning that he is a vegetarian? *thinks* Oh yes vegetarians don’t eat meat, therefore chewing someone’s ear and drawing blood is totally ridiculous. *thinks some more* Carnivores do eat meat therefore chewing someone’s ear is perfectly normal and appropriate behaviour. Glad I cleared that up.

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