Monday, December 17, 2007

Sleep, at last...

I had a very nice weekend, but it didn’t start quite as intended! G was going to a work Christmas do and then coming over to mine.
“I’ll leave at 10 and be to you by 11” said G.
“Ok, well I really need to get some sleep because I still don’t feel very well and am really tired” I replied.

11:10pm G phones
“I haven’t left yet, I’ll leave in the next half an hour and come over to you”
I grumbled a bit.

Gone midnight G phones again

“Erm, I’m just leaving now and so will be over as soon as possible”
I grumbled a bit more.

12:55am G phones again

“The tube has stopped running, I’ll have to find another way to get to yours”
“Right” I tersely replied.

1.45am G phones again
“I can’t get a taxi and I have no idea how else to get to you”
“Walk to a bus stop and get a night bus!” I replied and then grumbled a lot. I then got up and logged on to the internet and told G which bus to get.

2.10am G phones again
“I’m on the night bus. When I get to the other end, I should get a taxi to you then?”
Me through gritted teeth “No, I’ll come and get you”

Finally just before 3am, I picked G up (with a flask of tea to warm G up – I’m not all bad…) and we drove back to mine. So I didn’t quite get the early night I had planned…

Anyway, once G had woken up sufficiently on Saturday we went to see some of G’s friends for Christmas Day number one. They are such generous and hospitable people and they cooked the most delicious food and we all had a really great time (despite one of the other people who was joining us breaking down on the way there, so then there was the whole palaver of a couple of people going out to find him and getting the AA out). We just ate so much and had such a nice time though. Then on Sunday we ate lots of leftovers – even their leftovers are far superior to what I would serve as the main meal – and we ate pretty much our entire Christmas period allowance of fat and calories in the space of 24 hours. Fantastic!

Then G and I came back to mine and watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” on DVD and this morning G set off for work and I slept in – at last.

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