Monday, December 24, 2007

The Night Before Christmas

So, it’s nearly Christmas, which I am finding hard to believe, but hopefully I will have come to terms with it by tomorrow. Before tomorrow, I also have to whip up a chocolate log (for which read: put some chocolate butter icing plus snowmen, a tree and a Santa Claus on a swiss roll I bought at the supermarket).

I spent quite a bit of the weekend watching programmes that I had taped during the year and had then failed to watch. I’m only part way through doing this and I now have various other programmes to tape over the festive season. Life is very unfair sometimes…

Anyway, I’m going out for dinner with my parents tonight and then over to my sister’s for Christmas Day and my uncle’s on Boxing Day. I actually want to try and see someone who I used to work with over the next week or so. I got a letter from her at the end of last week and she sounded so depressed. She is in her early forties and has developed a really bad hip, but has been told she is too young for a hip replacement. Her letter sounded really despairing and I think she can hardly walk any distance at all, so I’ll try and go over and see her and maybe get some shopping for her or something. I also got a Christmas letter from ‘Obsessive landlady’. It seems that since she moved to Cardiff, she has met a chap who she has been going out with for a few months. She probably has him ironing his socks and pants.

On an entirely irrelevant note, the other day I was thinking that it would be quite good to have shoes with heated soles. Then every time it was icy, as soon as you stepped on some slippery ground the ice would melt away and you wouldn’t run the risk of falling over. It could also have the added bonus of warming your feet up. I told G about this who did point out that it was a rather flawed idea (powering it, what if you stand on someone’s foot etc etc) but I still like it and might therefore enter it as an idea on Dragon’s Den next year.

I might be back tomorrow, but, if not, Happy Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas via blogmad

Random Reflections said...

msdemmie- Happy Christmas to you too. Thanks for dropping by.