Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leaving early

My cold has been getting worse and is now filled with a lot of sneezes. Not great. I found that although using vaporub is good for making it easier to sleep, it is designed for people in relationships because it is not easy to apply properly on your own, particularly on your back. G did it for me on Sunday night but I had to fend for myself last night. They don’t tell you *that* in the instructions do they!

I don’t have a very strenuous day ahead of me, which is probably a good thing, I’m going out for lunch with some people from work and that should mean a reasonably early finish. The chap I had to buy a Secret Santa present for is off sick, so I needn’t have worried about it so much. Yesterday two people who I work with separately decided to leave work really early to go and do their Christmas shopping. A couple of people I work with said to me that they weren’t aware that we were allowed to just excuse ourselves from being in the office just because we were a bit behind on our shopping. It’s the season of parties and slowing down on work but I think both of them (both of whom were male) were pushing it a bit just to leave work to do some shopping.

Sometimes I have to remind, myself that however irritated I get with my colleagues, if I ever do something that would qualify me for an entry on this website, it’s time to find a new job (or a padded cell).

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