Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am making some good in-roads into my Christmas shopping. Last night I went to Oxford Street and Regent Street and bought a few bits. I think I now have about 5 presents left to buy and I pretty much know what they all are, it is just a matter of tracking the items down. I also bought some stuff for G’s stocking. We’re not actually seeing each other at Christmas as G is in Scotland, so we are having a delayed Christmas instead. Anyway, I think I’ve got everything for that now. The only problem is that the stuff for the sticking is probably better than the other presents I have for G. Och well, spending time with me should be enough of a reward… *looks sceptical*.

Incidentally, I don’t actually like Christmas shopping and I am rubbish at choosing presents but I like to get it over and done with so that I don’t get to Christmas Eve and have to run round like a headless chicken buying whatever is left on the shelves.

I was thinking about going to Trafalgar Square tonight because they will be switching on the Christmas tree lights and there will be some carol singing, but I’d end up going on my own, which is fine but I’d rather not stand around in the cold without someone there to moan at.

I was actually on the tube yesterday with a very moany tube driver who had a go at people for getting on the tube as the doors were closing. He very grumpily told passengers that “the train was going to depart unless someone else wanted to obstruct the doors and hold up the whole train”. The tube drivers are not a cheery bunch on my journey to and from work. I guess he is not in the Christmas spirit.


Spudgy said...

I've been looking at the pressies so far amassed for the wifey and to be honest I know how much I've spent and it doesn't look it. Maybe I should just get a really extra huge bar of chocolate to distract her with on the day!!

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - It's the thought that counts (apparently, but I'm just scared that isn't the case!). I know, you go to all this effort and it looks like you've made none at all. Bah humbug!