Wednesday, December 19, 2007


*Contented sigh* My first day of leave (apart from having Monday off…). What a relief.

I have to report though that I am feeling somewhat disappointed in a certain someone who is very dear to my heart. Yes, indeed. I cannot express how disappointed I am in Mr John Lewis at the moment *discontented sigh* yesterday I went to John Lewis on Oxford Street to buy something from the jewellery department for my mum. I knew exactly what I wanted, having done my research in advance (of course!) and found the item and then waited to be served. Only the staff were just not very on the ball and I stood there for a few minutes waiting to be served and then the woman served someone else instead. Then when the other woman became free she then approached someone else (who was standing almost next to me). I was so unimpressed and so said “actually it was me who was next” and the woman looked at me and turned to the man she had started to serve and said “it seems this lady thinks she was first…” and basically left the man to fill in the gap. He said to me “I was just standing next to you and just moved round here to the other side of the counter” and I said “I know that but I was still here before you” and the woman then said to him “would you mind if I served this lady?” and he replied “I guess I don’t have much choice”. I was so unimpressed. First of all it is a basic skill to keep track of which customer is next. If you work in a really busy department store then you have to be able to keep track whereas the staff just seemed to pick people at random. Many a barman has to keep track of who is next to be served and they can do it – or if they’re unsure they ask who was next instead of just guessing. Second, she seemed to be expecting the customers to sort it out amongst themselves whereas she should have been the one who sorted it out because it was her mistake. I am a big fan of John Lewis, but for the second time this year I have found their customer service to be very disappointing.

Incidentally I think the chap deliberately tried to get served ahead of me and was miffed because he didn’t get away with it. Don’t mess with me. Particularly when I’ve had to go into work when I’m on leave. Particularly when all I want to do is go home. Particularly less than a week before Christmas on a very busy Oxford Street. Pah!

Anyway… tonight G and I are off to a Christmas concert which should help to get me in the spirit a bit more and am just going to have a nice relaxing run up to Christmas from here on in…

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