Friday, December 07, 2007


It’s Friday – at last! I am actually feeling a bit under the weather and so need to try and catch up on some sleep and to take things a bit easy this weekend. I did drag myself out to do a bit more Christmas shopping last night, but the highlight for me was that as I walked out of my front door my neighbour handed me an Amazon parcel and in it was a book I had ordered for myself called How Santa Really Works. I just really wanted to read it so I bought it when I was ordering some other stuff and so will pore over that this weekend. I hope you’re not sceptical about whether Santa does actually exist…

I was in meetings most of the day yesterday and the first one it turned out that I was actually chairing but had absolutely no idea until I arrived so I had to do some quick thinking. Anyway because of the meetings I was at I couldn’t go to another meeting which my boss and C went to instead. I was talking to my boss about how that meeting had gone and he took me to one side and said that it hadn’t gone as well as hoped and this could cause a problem for another meeting in a couple of weeks time. He might not be able to go to that meeting and I am on leave – but he asked if I might consider going to it even though I am on leave. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I have had one day off since August, which was to have a water meter fitted. I have three weeks off work and now I might have to go into work. I could weep. My boss is so nice though and he wouldn’t ask unless he thought it was really important and he will see if there is a way round it, but it’s taken the shine off the thought of being on leave as of next Friday. Please don’t make me have to go into work.

That story of the missing canoeist is just getting more bizarre by the day. Where was he? Why did he disappear? Why did his wife not tell anyone he had turned up? Not quite the joyful family reunion it had first looked like.

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