Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Old fashioned

I spent some of yesterday evening writing Christmas cards. I figured I may as well get on with doing it, as it always takes a while. I know that it’s maybe a bit twentieth century to send Christmas cards but I think it is still a nice thing to do – I even send the occasional postcard when I am on holiday too. Perhaps I single handedly keep Royal Mail in business?

I am helping a chap at work sift applications for a job. It is so tedious marking application forms and this year I must have sifted well over a hundred with all the interviews I have helped out with and yet I still offer. More fool me, I guess. Anyway, I have occasionally wondered if there is something going on between this chap and C. A long time ago I did ask her if anything was going on and she said no, but I they definitely see each other outside of work. I think they went to a wedding together a couple of months ago and I have spotted them together on a lunch break and so on. I usually work on the principle that someone’s private life is just that – private – but I am quite hopeful that something might be going on between them because they would make a really nice couple. But I can’t ask because it is none of my business. I shall just have to enjoy the sport of trying to look for signs of something going on.

If you think you are a bit challenged in the looks department (or are just not totally shallow) then you might welcome the campaign by an Argentinean chap against ‘the cult of the beautiful’. He is trying to campaign for those who are not blessed with good looks in order to get them on a more equal status as those who are seen as more beautiful. Of course the advantage of not being that bothered by how you look is that as you get older you are less likely to be scared of someone coming too close to you with a lot match in case your nose or some other body part melts. I would say that would be more of an embarrassment than looking a bit of a nerd, but perhaps that’s just me.

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