Monday, December 03, 2007

Like a kid at Christmas

I had such a great day on Friday going round the stadium of the best football team ever and having a bit of a nose. I am not some really avid football fan, but felt really excited to be in the players changing room and all their shirts were hung up waiting for them and I got to sit on their cushions and peer into their post-match bath etc. I was slightly awestruck by it all. I did ask the chap who was showing us round if I was allowed to steal anything but he said no. Pah... I do have some photos on my phone though that I might upload at some point if I get round to it. It was a very enjoyable say though and my talk went well too and then I got to go home nice and early and so it was an early start to my weekend.

I had another nice weekend and am feeling reasonably into the Christmas spirit. However, the weekend started with G coming over feeling very under the weather, so I had to be a nurse-maid and wait on G hand and foot, which seemed to work as there was a marked improvement as the weekend wore on. I have healing hands.

I did mange to drag G out on Saturday to buy a Christmas tree and that now has pride of place in my living room and has some tinsel and some coloured Christmas lights on it. I think sophisticated people have white lights, so I have therefore shown my true place in society by going for coloured ones, but it’s what I had as a child and I wanted them! So G and I put the tree up and decorated it while listening to Christmas carols and it was really nice. I also put out the nativity scene that my granddad made many years ago. Don’t get the idea that this is some fantastically handcrafted work of art, the animals are all made of plastic, but he made the stable and I think painted the figures of Mary and Joseph and the wise men and shepherds. I think he also put the wire round the angel’s neck so it can hang from at the back of the stable, but it does look somewhat like a noose, so it is probably rather sacrilegious... Anyway, I’m trying to be more christmassy this year and I think I have made a reasonable start.

I then spent yesterday evening tidying the living room, kitchen, main bedroom and spare room and everywhere is much improved. I did still find time to watch Elf though, which was on Channel 4 and I thought that was quite amusing and a nice and silly start to the Christmas season.

I am also really on the countdown to finishing work. Only two weeks to go - and not a moment too soon.

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