Thursday, December 13, 2007


I so desperately wanted to leave work early yesterday but due to some pressing work coming in (as in urgent not as in ironing) I had to focus on that and I had sent C home at lunch time because she had been sick in the toilets. She couldn’t quite decide what to do with herself so I firmly instructed her to go home because that was far preferable to staying at work and then having to go home on the tube during rush hour. It’s her birthday today, so I hope she is feeling better.

I did find out that C is definitely going out with that chap from work though. My boss spotted them walking along the road holding hands yesterday lunch time (awwwwww). I think it’s really nice that they’re going out but I shall remain entirely silent on the matter because it’s none of my business who she is going out with and if she doesn’t want people at work to know then that’s up to her.

I have another work lunch today and that should be ok and hopefully I will be able to leave work reasonably early after that. I was counting down until being on leave but now have to be in work for a meeting on Tuesday morning and another on Tuesday afternoon. What annoys me about this so much is that someone has been off sick for a bit and so my boss is covering a meeting for him, so I have to come in when I am meant to be on leave so that I can cover for my boss. This chap is actually likely to be in work next week but he doesn’t want to trek off to some meeting in the north of England so we have all had to rearrange our plans – which is on the day of my bosses 25th wedding anniversary... I have had one days leave since August, which was to have a water meter fitted and this was going to be three weeks of bliss not thinking about work, but that has now had to be altered because of this chap. I am not totally unsympathetic to him, he’s a nice chap but he has had probably in excess of 40 days off sick this year and we have to pick up the slack and make sure the work gets done. He doesn’t like his job but because of his appalling sick record he can’t get another one, so we seem to be rather stuck in this situation. Anyway, I should be in more of the Christmas spirit and perhaps there is still a Christmas miracle to come and I won’t have to go into work. Bah humbug.


Blue soup said...

"(as in urgent not as in ironing)"

Best thing I have read so far today!!

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Don't be grumpy its Christmas.... days of crap television and food await you ! ;-)

Random Reflections said...

blue soup - You must have had a very dull day!! Really pleased to hear about your results, by the way. That's great news.

TF - Grumpy is my nature! I'll be off out to buy my Christmas Radio Times imminently though...