Thursday, December 20, 2007


The Christmas Concert last night was great (despite the slightly annoying people sitting next to me who only arrived half way through the first half and then whispered to each other and made sarcastic comments to each other throughout). I think it was one of the best Christmas concerts I have been to and was really enjoyable. It was at the Royal Albert Hall and included Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols (which is why I had wanted to go to it) and there were also lots of other well known pieces, some old, some new, and we also got to sing Christmas Carols at various points, which concluded with a fantastic rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, which is my favourite. Brilliant.

If you are looking for that last minute gift or want to do something quite romantic you can go to the Coca Cola site and type a message which should then appear on the display in Piccadilly Circus. I think you will get an e-mail in advance to tell you when it will appear and you can also track the messages online if you can’t get to Piccadilly Circus. Marvellous.

Anyway, today is G’s last day here before heading off to Scotland for Christmas, so we’d better make the most of it and I need to put together a ‘care package’ for the train journey. Despite it only being about a 5 hour journey there will be sandwiches, mince pies, fruit, chocolate, beer, coffee and other such things so that all eventualities can be catered for. Better get on.

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