Friday, May 02, 2008


Well, it’s Friday at last and we are also on the second day of May – how did that happen? There’s no news on the job front. I’m not taking that as a particularly positive sign but hopefully I will hear something today, one way or the other.

Today is also C’s last day and I feel quite sad about that. We have worked together for about 18 months and have always had a good working relationship and got on well. When she’s on leave for a few days I usually miss her being about, so her leaving altogether is going to be more of a challenge. I went and sorted out the presents we are giving her and hopefully she will like those. I really shouldn’t be given responsibility for things like that – although I did ask her boyfriend for suggestions, so at least I can blame him for it in part, although not publicly as I think I might get in trouble for revealing their relationship to the office.

At least it is the bank holiday ahead. G and I are staying at my sister’s house tomorrow night and then looking after my nephew while my sister does a 10 km run. I think we will do something rather more relaxed than that but rain or shine we will be there waiting for my sister to cross the finish line, hopefully with my nephew still in one piece.

By tonight we should know the outcome of the mayoral result. If you had the chance to vote in the election then I hope you used your vote wisely. I voted on the way to work yesterday and when I was on the tube I began to wonder if maybe I had been too tired to vote and therefore voted for the wrong person, so let’s hope I didn’t lose the ability to put a simple x in a box (well four boxes actually). Anyway, tonight all will be revealed. If Boris gets in then London property prices may drop rapidly based on the number of people who have suggested they might have to leave the capital if he is elected. That’s democracy for you.


Spudgy said...

Some people are full of sh1te! If Boris gets elected there will still be the core of workers who get things done. For example Ken didn't magically make the Oyster Card happen. It was already being developed before he got elected....

titration said...

I think this is when I as an American feel totally uneducated. (about the voting).

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - Yes, I know that the hard work is done by officials, but Boris himself is somewhat of a joke and surely that can't be good for lOndon?

titration - our voting for the London mayor is complicated. Normally, though it is much more simple and you just vote once and put a cross in a box. That is probably more simple than in the US - because wasn't there that whole hanging chads thing a few years ago?