Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I slept really well on Sunday night, but last night I was still feeling really tired. I am now thinking that I might like to become a giraffe. Apparently they only need to sleep a maximum of two hours a day. I’m not entirely sure how one would go about becoming a giraffe, but I will try and work on this.

I think I’ve mentioned before that there is a chap at work who has taken rather a shine to me. I don’t think it is in a romantic sense, I don’t really know how to explain it though. He often comes back from meetings and if there are chocolate biscuits left over he brings back the chocolate biscuits for me in his sweaty little palms and leaves them on my desk. He also negotiated a discounted ticket at a conference for me, except that I didn’t want to go to it (and hadn’t said that I did), but I felt bad that he had gone to so much effort and so have arranged for someone else to go instead, so that his efforts weren’t wasted.

Every day I am can hear him shuffling over towards me. I sit with my back to where he sits and so he comes up behind me and knocks on my chair and updates me on his weekend or gives me an article he has found on the internet that he thinks I might be interested in. Yesterday morning I was standing at my desk switching my computer on and he came right up behind me (very close, but nothing one would want to start a grievance over) and then started to tell me about a chocolate custard he had made over the weekend. I moved to a slightly safer distance, told him it sounded very nice and then made my excuses and went and made a cup of tea.

He’s well intentioned, but hard work at times. I do have the ultimate way to get rid of him though. He’s Australian and sometimes I call him a “gentleman” which apparently Australians take to be the worst insult imaginable. I can’t use this weapon to often but it does normally seem preferable to killing him which at times seems like the only other alternative. Always best to keep that one in reserve though I find.

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