Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well, not a lot to report here beyond a very nice evening spent by G and me celebrating our anniversary. Back to the office today which I am not looking forward to particularly, but I shall soldier on. Actually not being in the office yesterday meant that it was a real pain sorting out various things that I would normally do with instant access to the internet, so perhaps I should be glad that I will have the chance to plan various other parts of my life by being back at work.

Apparently some research has shown that yesterday was the most expensive day of the year for Brits. (I’m not really sure why that link is to Yahoo India, but there you go…). I am very dubious about that piece of research anyway and am not convinced that it is true. I really don’t believe that somehow one day is most expensive for most people. There are various bits I don’t believe but this one in particular stands out:

“And more than one third are making their own clothes, growing their own food or making their own wine.”

You have got to be kidding me. This is the same country where we use 17 billion carrier bags a year and so yesterday M&S started charging us for carrier bags to stop us creating so much waste – but we’re all at home making jam and knitting. Some seriously dubious research there...

In an economy drive*, I gave G this as an anniversary present. Yes, I gave G a link to a website. G gave me a jar of marmite. Romance is not dead. You need your speakers on to understand it. G is a number geek and was so thrilled by this website. G is a simple soul, but it is strangely mesmerising.

*not really an economy drive (or really an anniversary present for that matter), we’re just not much into buying each other presents and I came across this on the internet recently.

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