Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lady of leisure

My long weekend is finally over. I wasn’t in work yesterday and got loads of things done, after what proved to be a fairly busy weekend.

Saturday G and I went for a walk. The picture above was taken while we were out walking. It was a really pleasant walk in the sunshine and included walking by the Grand Union Canal. We were looking at the canal at one point and I saw that there were a couple of terrapins sitting on a log. I wasn’t very impressed by that (although seeing them was really interesting) because I can’t imagine a British canal is their normal habitat and presumably people dumped them there when they realised that they do actually grow. It made me a feel a bit sad to see them and how lazy people can be. But apart from that it was good! We have a date in the diary for the next walk – which will be in the City of London.

In the evening we went to see a radio recording and that was good. It was called Spike’s Lookalikes and was written by Mark Watson who introduced it. It had Ardal O’Hanlon (the chap from Father Ted) and Doon Mackichan (the woman from Smack the Pony) and Rosie Cavaliero (the woman from the Green Wing). It was very amusing and given that it was about a lookalike agency and is a radio programme, quite a feat to pull off!

We then went to another radio recording on Monday night, which was of Bleak Expectations. I had tried to see this last year but didn’t get in. Sadly this time it didn’t have Celia Imrie in it, but it was quite amusing nonetheless. It had Anthony Head in it and Geoffrey Whitehead in it (and others but I wasn’t so familiar with them, including Mark Evans who wrote it and I didn’t realise until I saw him on the stage that he had been standing right in front of me in the queue talking to a couple of people) The second episode we saw recorded (which was the last one of the series) was more amusing and was a take off of The War of the Worlds. It was an acquired sense of humour but was certainly amusing. I’m not sure when either of the recordings we saw will be broadcast though.

Yesterday I had the day off work and managed to get a lot done, including getting my car MOT’d, putting a whole load of lawn feed/ moss killer down, digging out a plant that was taking over and generally tidying up my place. The first task of getting the car sorted went slightly awry when I realised I hadn’t got any money with me, but I had time to get home on public transport, get my money and then do a quick bit of shopping before going to pick up the car. This included buying a Frisbee, as G wants one - so I bought it in the green of Celtic.

Now, today, it’s back to work. I am only in the office for two days, then doing something work related but not in the office on Friday, which should be interesting and then am on leave all of next week (but only to get a boiler fitted), so hopefully I can survive a couple of days at work. Every time I am off work it reminds me how much I like being a lady of leisure (with the emphasis on ‘leisure’ rather than the ‘lady’…).


Blue soup said...

Mark Watson is fabulous! I met him a few times at university as he is friends with our union events manager. Wonderfully refreshing guy.

Is that a slow worm??

Spudgy said...

So how much is the boiler costing then?! Did you go with a nice local firm in the end?

Random Reflections said...

blue soup - yes Mark Watson was very good and did a very funny introduction. It helped to make the evening.

I'm not really a nature expert, but I think it is indeed a slow worm.

spudgy - it is going to cost about £3800, which includes some building work, so that when they leave it is all done properly. I may have to hand out the begging bowl.

I am indeed using a local firm and hopefully they will be as professional as they were when they came round to do the quote - and my property will no longer be in danger of blwoing up!


Glad to hear you're getting that boiler changed. Don't work too hard. It's nice being a lady of leisure I'm not back to the ratrace until next Monday. Happy days TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - yes not long to go now, but the process will leave me without hot water for a few days...

I'm jealous that you are able to be a lady of leisure at the moment. Enjoy.