Monday, May 19, 2008


Another pleasant weekend over. G and I spent some time planning various activities such as a walk we want to do next weekend, plus picking out various radio broadcasts to try and see being recorded. We also spent some time trying to decide where to go on holiday. We were thinking about Spain but we think it would be too hot there when we want to go and we thought about a few other places in Europe but I have been to quite a few parts of Europe over recent years and haven’t got and strong urge to go back to any of them. I think we might now stay in the UK and go to various places that we have been thinking of visiting, such as the Eden Project. We’re planning on going to Montreal later in the year anyway, so hopefully we will get out of the UK for a break at some point anyway.

At the moment I am reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and I have to say that having read a few books of late that I have been fairly non-plussed by, it is with some pleasure and relief that I am finally reading a book that I am enjoying. That seems a strange thing to say about this book because it isn’t a cheery read, it would more accurately be described as sinister and there is certainly a sense of foreboding in it. But it is a good read and one that a few people have raved about of late. I just don’t think it’s going to end very happily…

On the way home on Friday I picked up a copy of the London Paper that someone had left on the tube. As I flicked through the paper I got to the Sudoku page, which is not something that really interests me.

I was amused by the way the person had marked it. Judging by the size of the first tick they were obviously very pleased with their performance on the first one, on the second one, it was more of a struggle and they gave themselves a sizeable but not as enthusiastic tick and by the third, well it seemingly lived up to its ‘difficult’ label. Do people normally mark their own puzzle-doing like that? Perhaps giving themselves marks out of ten for how quickly they can answer the cryptic crossword in The Times? It has to be said that I don’t even attempt such things, so I’m not really one to criticise.



I bet the person who marked it is a teacher.Sooo sad :)

I've just started reading "The Kite Runner" and it's a very good read indeed. Thanks for the recommendation. TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - I wondered if they were a teacher too!

I read the Kite Runner last year and enjoyed it. I'm enjoying Rebecca and hopefully will until the end.

Glad things are looking a bit better for you. Take care.