Friday, May 09, 2008


It’s Friday and I have quite a busy day ahead, what with a long and tedious meeting this morning and then giving a talk at lunchtime and then another meeting this afternoon etc etc. This is not what I want on a Friday. I also seem to be suffering from hay fever, which is particularly annoying seeing as I don’t normally get it. I shall blame it on global warming.

I am thinking about doing some volunteering. I have a few ideas in mind, but will have a bit of a think about what I might pursue. I think I’ve decided that as I don’t find my job all that satisfying, I am going to have to get that satisfaction in some other way. I don’t mean that I just want to do it for what I can get out of it. I just want to do something that makes a bit of a positive difference. That job I applied for would have been a really great move towards achieving that, but as that didn’t happen and my current job is more about bureaucracy than anything else, I feel I need to get involved in something else. Work would give me time off to do various bits of volunteering as well (in theory at least, as I haven’t actually asked my boss as yet), so I should think of how to take make the most of that.

A builder came round last night to give me a quote. He seemed a nice chap and he’s going to phone me today to tell me how much it will cost. All being well, I should then be able to get the boiler sorted at the beginning of June – and I will just have to hope that it doesn’t blow up before then.

As you may be aware, Labour did not do well in the elections last week. It seems that Gordon Brown is facing another vote and you have until next week to have your say. Should Gordon Brown have a waxwork made of him at Madame Tussauds? The choice is yours. I don’t really know what they have in terms of waxworks of former Prime Ministers but if it is meant to show who the PMs have been over the years it does seem a touch odd not to immortalise him in the same way, electoral mandate or not. Anyway, you can have your say.


Spudgy said...

Yay, give the volunteering a go! I'm doing it and its great just knowing your making an effort

Kahless said...

I have been mulling over spending some time volunteering too.
Go for it!

Lemonpillows said...

ooh ooh ooh! Volunteers! Let me spread the word on volunteering!

I'd like to point you in the direction of a particular organization which values its volunteers very very highly. Also, somewhere that will give you a qualification for volunteering!

Contact me for more info :D

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - thanks. I need to get on with it before I lose my enthusiasm!

kahless - I have a few ideas and I will try and post various sources of volunteering opportunities on here at some point soon.

lemonpillows - I was thinking of asking you about this anyway actually. It's a shame I hadn't been thinking about this a couple of days ago! I'll be in touch...