Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I got home last night to find that my water supply had been turned off. The water company has said that they would switch it off during the day as they are replacing lots of pipe work but it was due back on by 4pm. I spoke to my neighbour and she’d had no water all day. She was so unimpressed. I phoned the water company and they said they’d get someone out to have a look and try and find out why there was no water. By the time I went to bed, there was still no water. Marvellous. It was back on this morning though.

G was not happy yesterday, primarily due to having one boss who is a bully and another who is so weak that she has to rely on rules to manage staff. The rules are in control she isn’t – and she doesn’t necessarily know what the rules are, in which case she panics even more than normal. It’s all turned into a complete mess and it is too excruciating to go into the detail of it here. I was trying to advise G on what to do but in the end I had to say that I couldn’t really give the right advice because if they were reasonable people this just wouldn’t even be an issue.

Let me give one example of how illogical G’s big boss is. One of G’s colleagues is American and she wanted to go back to America for two weeks for a wedding. The wedding was during term time and you’re only allowed to take two days leave per week during term time. How do you solve that? Well you tell the person they can go to America but must “work from home” on the three days that are not allowed to be taken as leave. The end result, G’s colleague got to go to America for two weeks during term time but only took four days leave as the other six days were “working from home”. Did she work from home – well what do you think? Could she have even if she had wanted to? No. But the big boss didn’t break the rules so it was fine. Do you see how there are some people you just cannot argue with, as there logic is so warped. G has two job interviews this week, let’s hope the light is finally at the end of the tunnel.

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