Thursday, October 04, 2007


The other day a letter turned up from the Energy Saving Trust. I can’t remember having had any dealings with them, but maybe when I filled out a survey for the council they passed it on. Anyway, they rated my property as a ‘C’ moving towards a ‘B’ for energy consumption (which is good by the way. ‘A’ is the best ‘G’ is the worst). It suggested a couple of things that I could do to improve things. One is cavity wall insulation, which you can’t have done to a flat and the other was buying energy efficient appliances, but actually all of my appliances have the most energy efficient rating already. So I can’t do either of those, which I guess means I am about as energy efficient as I can be, the only other things is to put in a more up to date boiler, but I think that could prove very expensive, so I will maybe do that rather further down the line.

I spoke to my burglar alarm company yesterday and they are going to come out Friday lunch time and fix my alarm, and mum is going to come round and let them in which is very nice of her. In case you were thinking of burgling my property before they fix it, the alarm is actually in full working order and it will go off if you attempt to break in (I know this because I had to set the alarm off a couple of times while the engineer was telling me what to do over the phone. It’s very loud). It is just the light on the front of the property hasn’t reset properly. So don’t get any ideas.

G has a really odd boss, S, who I am not entirely impressed with and I think is a really poor manager and just deliberately stands in the way of G doing things. Grrrrrr… Anyway, S went on an assertiveness course a few weeks ago and they had to explain why they were on the course etc and she said “I’d like to assert myself more, but my boss won’t let me”. Well that just about sums it up really doesn’t it? There are some people that are beyond hope.

Oh and today I may have to put in a pitch for why I don’t think I should go and work for another department (the one that would mean joining the dark side), so that we can work more closely together. Let’s hope they don’t take too much convincing. Mind you, yesterday I was talking to someone on the phone who works there and he was talking about someone else in his team and they obviously hadn’t discussed something and he then said that it was because they sit nowhere near each other. So hang on a minute, I might have to go and work some were totally different so that I am nearer the dark side and yet the people I would have to go and work with work nowhere near each other? *scratches head* I rest my case, your honour.

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