Monday, October 15, 2007


Good morning people - and another new week begins… As you may have picked up from my comments, C did not pass her exams. I had the great displeasure of telling her this On Friday because the results got e-mailed to me, so I took her to one side and told her the result and then chatted to her about it for a while. As you’d expect, she was not very happy about it and we talked about it later in the day and I suggested that she take a bit of time to think about it and we would talk about it this week and come up with an action plan to try and get her promoted in the future. I did suggest that she try not to do anything too rash (meaning resign etc, I wasn’t suggesting she might try and do something more drastic that that). I did feel rather bad for her because she really deserves a promotion. I might go and see one of our directors this week to see if there is anything that can be done, but I think it is doubtful.

G and I spent another weekend together that seemed to mainly consist of eating. We were testing out some new recipes though. G is a vegetarian (the horror!) and so I have to come up with some more ideas of what to eat so that we don’t just eat beans on toast the whole time.

This is an interesting item and is meant to show whether you use more of your right brain or left brain. G and I were looking at it last night, which proved that it must be something to do with your brain rather than the image itself changing because both of us could see the dancer moving in opposite direction at the same time. I think this could lead to potential arguments if you look at it with someone else, so beware.


Blue Soup said...

That dancer is weird! I could see her going both ways but focusing on her foot and mentally flipping the image. Weird stuff.

Random Reflections said...

Blue soup - yes very weird - and it's that she also switches leg depending on which way she is turning. She seemed to switch direction at will while I was looking at her, which probably just signifies that I can't make up my mind!