Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bon Voyage

Rightio, well today I am off to France today and will be back at some point tomorrow. Of course my departure coincides with a brief respite from the current Royal Mail strikes so I will probably be unable to open my front door on my return due to the mountain of post awaiting me – or it might just highlight the fact that I get very few things in the post beyond bills these days. *sigh*

I still don’t know the results to C’s exams so I guess that will await us when we return to work on Friday. I would try and dial in on my laptop to check but they carried out an upgrade on it which meant that my e-mail become inaccessible. They have fixed that, but now I have plugged my lap top in at home it seems that the modem is not working, so it won’t dial in. This was a very helpful upgrade…

Anyway I had better head off for sunnier climes (might be a tad over hopeful there) and I am wondering if they will remember to feed me regularly because as we all know I become like a bear with a sore head unless I am topped up with food. I will try and resist the urge to goad the French about the rugby because a) I know nothing about rugby b) we might get slaughtered and c) it is just a game and d) I don’t really care. Nuff said.

A bientot.


Anonymous said...

Have a good time.

londongirl said...

Not sure about the post overload- loads of the stuff I was expecting doesn't seem to have arrived.

And enjoy goading the french. a bit of it has to be done - they're too damn smug otherwise!

Random Reflections said...

LKSN - Merci beaucoup

londongirl - the hotel I stayed in in France actually had a sign up telling anyone who was English to get used to crying because we will be on Saturday. Charming.