Monday, October 29, 2007

Clinging on

I had another nice weekend. I stayed at G’s on Friday night, which was fine. I’d actually forgotten to take any money into work with me on Friday and so had to be bankrolled by G when we went out for dinner etc. Earlier in the day I’d mentioned to one of my colleagues that I’d forgotten my money and he assured me that I deserved to be treated and have G lavish money on me, G was slightly more sceptical about this.

Anyway, it was all fine and I was reunited with my money on Saturday, as we had to go back to mine. We then spent quite a lot of Sunday going through some stuff for G’s forthcoming appraisal, as G had really poor managers and so we were coming up with some suitable stuff to say that would help the meeting to at least be a bit constructive. That took ages and then I went over to my parents’ house briefly to drop off some train tickets for my mum and then headed home to watch Coronation Street with G, like the little old people that we have become.

I was talking to my mum a few days ago and she said that she’d been talking to my aunt who had confessed to a slightly unfortunate incident. My aunt had gone to see my cousin in Dublin (my aunt is Irish) and last thing at night cleared up the kitchen. All was well until my cousin’s son was looking for the kitten, which is what he always does before he goes to bed. They looked every where for the kitten, but there was no sign, at which point my aunt remembered that the kitten had been in the kitchen while she was clearing up. So they had another look in the kitchen but still there was no sign of the kitten. My aunt then thought about it and realised that the one place they hadn’t looked was in the dishwasher, which she had put on when she’d finished clearing up. Sure enough there in the dishwasher, clinging to the top of the door was a very wet, scared and unhappy kitten. I think it’s fair to say that the kitten was a bit hot under the collar.

I also heard yesterday that there are dogs that are trained to work cash points for people with disabilities. They can put the card in the machine and withdraw money. Bizarre. In case you need proof, here is a photo.

Apparently it was reported in the Daily Mail, so it must be true.

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