Friday, October 12, 2007

Fingers crossed

France was good and a very pleasant work trip. C, who I work with, is very bright and on the ball, but also very clumsy. If there is something to lose then she will lose it. On several occasions I had to get her to do a run through of her stuff to make sure that everything was accounted for. However, I could not help with one problem which was when she informed the hotel receptionist that she was in room 501, he looked at her confused and said that this was unlikely given that there was neither five rooms in the hotel or a room 501. She did eventually manage to locate her room.

We were actually in neighbouring rooms and there is something very weird about both going to your rooms at the same time and then saying good night to each other. It’s not that I have never said good night to a colleague before but it just felt really weird to do it right outside each of out bedroom door’s – just that bit too personal for someone that you work with.

Coming back on a train through Kent last night it felt so much later than it actually was. I think in part because I had been an hour ahead on France and also because it was so dark. Just as it getting dark though there was the most fantastic sunset. The sky was a lovely reddish/ orange colour which then turned to a really beautiful deep red.

I felt really tired last night and had to go to bed earlier than normal ans still woke up this mornign feeling exhausted, but at least it’s almost the weekend – and tomorrow I get to go and pick up my new glasses. Today I might be able to find out C’s exam results, so fingers crossed that she has passed.


the vicious chicken said...

Look, about the monkey: Nice try, Lady, but BACK OFF. He's going nowhere. (Also, I'll tell you what I told Monkee Maker when she pulled a similar stunt - you really wouldn't want him. He's not house trained.)

Hope C's exam results are ok and you catch up on sleep over the weekend.

Random Reflections said...

VC - I see... like that is it?? You'd better not leave the monkey unattended at any time. That's all I'm saying...

As for the exam results, the news was not good. *sigh*

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Sunsets and rainbows, heaven sent..

Random Reflections said...

TF - Absolutely and this was a particularly great example.

Glad you're still alive by the way!