Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There will now be a brief commercial

Right, well the good news is that The Independent is a marvellous newspaper and e-mailed me yesterday to say that they will send me the missing booklet. Yay! I like them. If you would like to by their newspaper then I am sure they would appreciate that. < / end of advert>

I had a chat with C yesterday and we have come up with some things that we are going to do to add some quality to her job and help to develop her. She did say that she thinks she will look to move on and I said that I could understand that she wants to advance herself but that we could make some changes in the short term anyway and also just do some things that would improve her prospects whatever she decided to do in the future. At the end she said to me “You know this isn’t a reflection on you”, which was very sweet of her and I just said that whilst I know I could be a better manager, I just want her to have a job that she feels she is suited to and gets something out of and we’d see what we could do about that.

I was talking to G on the phone last night, who said that C (not the one above, this one) had sent an e-mail about a forthcoming birthday drink. A very small number of people are invited, all of whom I know, and two of whom are G and A i.e. my current and my ex. I think we can safely assume that I am not invited. G could actually go, but is going to gracefully bow out to save any problems. This is the first time since G and C have known each other that they will not celebrate C’s birthday together.

I sat on the loo last night (nice image for you there) and just put my head in my hands and thought “is this ever going to end?”. I still maintain that the easiest way to deal with this is for A just to speak to me. If we were civil with each other and, heaven forefend, perhaps even friendly with each other(!) then situations like this wouldn’t arise. People wouldn’t have to second guess things and have to make decisions based on keeping the peace.

I don’t wish anything ill toward A, I’m not even annoyed, I just feel exasperated that this still isn’t resolved and I have no idea why we have to maintain this wall of silence. Maybe one day.

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