Monday, October 08, 2007


Yet another week begins… But at least I had a nice weekend. On Friday night G and I had a Chinese take away and just watched TV. Then on Saturday G very patiently waited about while I got my eyes tested and a hair cut and then we had a bit of a mooch about the shops. My eye sight hasn’t changed at all but I have ordered some new glasses anyway and will go and pick those up next Saturday.

In the evening we went out for dinner and had a really nice meal. We were sat next to a couple who had gone into the restaurant directly before us – but had obstructed us by having a somewhat intimate moment blocking the door to the restaurant. G and I picked up bits of their conversation and we were trying to work out quite what the nature of their relationship was. Despite the very tactile way they were with each other, it sounded to me as though they were actually on a first date (and certainly didn’t know a lot about each other) and I think they had met on the internet – because the chap was talking about his profile and that he thought he was better looking in person than in his photos. G and I would be having our own conversation and then we’d pick up a couple of sentences from the table next to us and we would exchange slightly perplexed glances at the things we were hearing. It was just really interesting doing a bit of people watching and working out the dynamics of their relationship. Him: French, very opinionated and good at talking about himself. Her: English, rather more reserved, slightly uncomfortable at how forward he was and yet quite enthusiastic about him. He did at one point seem to be discussing moving in with each other, which was very keen on what seemed to be a first date.

Anyway after all that, G and I went home and had some dessert and watched a film and had a pleasant evening. Then yesterday we spent some time sorting out some stuff that we were selling on e-bay. The auctions came to an end yesterday and so we had to sort out the logistics of how we were going to send the stuff (once payment is received, of course). I don’t mind doing this sort of thing but I have no interest in doing the whole “customer service” side of it. I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of gal. I’ve never sold anything on e-bay before and this was selling 8 separate items so the logistics are actually reasonably complicated and probably not what I want to be doing on a Sunday night. My poor brain.

So, now it’s back to work. C is back from her week off and I’ll have to see if she is more cheerful than when she went away. I have been tasked by a colleague to find out if she has a bit of a thing going on with someone else we work with, as they went to the same place on holiday at the same time. *raises an eyebrow* We have to keep ourselves amused somehow…

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