Thursday, October 25, 2007


My tube journey yesterday morning was even worse than it had been on previous days. I really do need to find some way to escape the rat race. Sadly I have no idea what that plan would involve but apart from becoming a tube driver I have no idea quite how to avoid being stuck in the crush of people whilst ravelling in London. Yesterday there was even a bit of heated discussion between some people about whether there was space and one woman smugly said “well, I’m standing in some space even though you told me there wasn’t any” and then she sucked her teeth. Sadly the man she said this to didn’t push her off the train for being so smug, but hopefully he at least trod on her foot or otherwise maimed her as he got off the train.

The drink G was invited to but had declined to go to because A would be there has actually been moved forward to tonight. G is wavering a bit about whether to go. C phoned and explained about the change of plan and also how much she would like G to be there, but that she understood that it would be awkward what with A potentially being there. C said that in the past it hadn’t been an issue as she saw A at work but now they don’t work together she still wants the opportunity to see A. I think I am the last person to say that they can’t understand this point of view! G really wants to go but is very much in two minds and might go along briefly but I don’t really know what the final decision is likely to be. G would have no problem with going along if A was civil to me, but it is just very awkward in the current circumstances. I said that both G and C were trying to be really reasonable and doing what they could to fit round A, who was the one who was causing the problem here, but I (metaphorically) shrugged my shoulders and said that it’s up to G to decide what to do. It does not fill me with joy to think that they might spend part of an evening together, but then I guess I also look at it and find it so odd that somehow I am the one who is ‘unacceptable’, when I have actually tried to be very reasonable in all of this and just want to be on civil terms with someone who did and still does matter to me. Sometimes I find the world a very confusing place.

Anyway… I was interested in a survey that asked what people would do if they knew they only had sixty minutes left until the end of the world. Most people (these were Brits by the way) say that they would spend the time with a loved one, which seems fair enough. 9% would have sex, 3% would pray, 2% would reach for some fatty food and another 2% would start looting. The remainder which just accept the inevitable and sip champagne. I am slightly perplexed that 2% of us would think “wow, I’m going to die, I must nip down to McDonalds because I don’t know when I’ll get my next Big Mac”. I’m even more perplexed by the people who would start looting. I think these people must be the ones that are not quite clear that when the world is about to come to an end, having the latest 42 inch HD TV is a bit pointless – but I guess you’d never be brought to book for it. *thinks* unless the Big Man upstairs tasked action, although he would have a *lot* of people to process all in one go.


Spudgy said...

I love those who think they have foudn 'space' on a tube. Its great until they train brakes and everyone lurches forward!!

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - and then that's the chance to elbow them somewhere 'by accident'...