Thursday, October 18, 2007


G is off up to Scotland today for a long weekend. So while the cat’s away… I’ll be going to the supermarket tonight, babysitting for my nephew tomorrow night and seeing a friend from school on Saturday night. I really know how to live.

One of the people who bought an item g and I were selling on e-bay appears to be a bit of a problem. She bought a CD and then got in contact to say that her paypal account wasn’t working properly. G e-mailed back and asked when it would be fixed because we only wanted payment via paypal (as had been stated in the advert). She replied and said her paypal account hadn’t been working for months so the only alternative was for her to pay by her cheque. There being no choice apart from relisting it, G sent contact details to send the cheque. I spoke to G last night who said that there was a Royal Mail card to say that there was an item to be collected from the sorting office that has £1.28 to pay on - £1 of that is a handling charge and 28p is the cost of a second class stamp. So, we can surmise from this that the woman has sent the cheque (or an envelope anyway, who knows if there is a cheque in it…) and hasn’t paid any postage on it. Obviously paying a charge to pick up a cheque that is only for about £2.50 anyway is fairly pointless so we’re back to square one really. I don’t know if the woman is just an idiot, dishonest or what, but this is certainly not making e-bay seem like a worthwhile enterprise and far more hassle than it is worth to sell items on there.

I think my conclusion from the stuff I mentioned to do with A yesterday are that it has made me feel really sad about it all again. I just can’t get my head round why things have to be so difficult – and not only between us, but also having an impact on other people. We were really good friends, we had a really nice relationship and we could be civil and friendly to each other (or I certainly could be anyway, as obviously I can only speak for myself). I just don’t get it and I don’t suppose I ever will. The sadness will pass, as it always does, but for now I am just quietly contemplating.

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