Thursday, November 08, 2007


You’ll be pleased to hear that I made a detour via Sainsbury’s yesterday and managed to track down two packets of those elusive soda farls, so the crisis is averted for a few days at least.

One of my neighbours came round to see me last night and we chatted a bit about the possibility of buying the freehold and then she asked if I might be interested in going swimming some time and maybe going to some belly dancing classes… I laughed at this but am not entirely against the idea and suspect it could be very good for stomach toning. It wouldn’t start until the new year so that would give me time to get used to this idea!

On the BBC yesterday they reported on a new study that suggests that there are a couple of things that help people to seem more attractive – those being eye contact and smiling. Apparently if you look away when you are talking to someone it makes you seem evasive and therefore less attractive. I am generally very good at eye contact and will normally look someone in the face when I am talking to them. Given my various prolonged times of singleness, I am obviously the exception to prove the rule then…

Anyway, following this principle, we can therefore conclude that this chap is unattractive:

Note the eyes looking off into the distance and that he is even scratching his nose in some obvious nervous tic.

However, by contrast, look at this fine specimen. Good eye contact and a nice big smile. How could a girl resist?

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