Thursday, November 29, 2007


I had quite a good time away, but the train journey did seem to take forever getting to Portsmouth. When we got there we had to wait a bit for a taxi and then we checked in speedily and the plan was to go to our rooms, drop off our bags, go to the loo and then straight back downstairs to eat. C and I were in neighbouring rooms and she went into her room but when I tried to get into mine, the door wouldn’t open and I kept trying in case I was just going made – and then someone opened the door from the inside. After I got over the surprise I said that this was meant to be my room and I showed him the bit of paper that said it. He had obviously already moved in though so I said I’d go and get another room. When I went and spoke to the reception they were very apologetic and they had somehow just managed to check two people into the same room. Had the chap not locked his door from the inside, I would have just merrily walked in and even if he hadn’t been there, all his stuff would have been. Anyway, they found me another room, but had no doubles left, so I had to take a twin instead, but it was a suite so it was a nicer room for no extra charge. It was weird sleeping in a single bed again though.

C and I then met up and had dinner. In a work sense she is very organised and very capable, but in a personal sense she is so disorganised and several times while we were away she lost her phone, room key, train ticket, credit card and practically anything else you can think of.

She has a job interview this afternoon and we spent a bit of time talking about that on the train and working through some answers. She actually did a mock interview with someone else on Tuesday and apparently she had worked through a lot of the points that I had run her through last week and it meant that it had gone quite well, which is encouraging, but obviously bad news if she then actually gets the job...

Incidentally, I think it is about 26 days until Christmas. How scary is that?

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