Friday, November 02, 2007


It’s Friday… at last… and not a moment too soon. I felt quite drained at work all day yesterday and left really promptly at the end of the day. G was coming over anyway so I went home to cook dinner in anticipation of G’s arrival. Then we went to the supermarket (I am such an old romantic ) and then baked a cake. This was not one of my greatest successes, although in my defence I was not using my usual recipe and I have never baked a cake in an electric oven before, but I think we can best describe the end result as “dense”… I may have to use some inspiration from the film Calendar Girls and go and buy one at Marks and Spencer’s and pass it off as my own.

I was baking it because G and I are going to stay with some of G’s friends for the weekend. Nothing says “thank you” like slightly dense chocolate cake when the person you are giving it to is really great at baking. I see a flaw in this plan…

Anyway, hopefully my weekend will consist of eating, some walking, fireworks and more eating. Although hopefully any eating of baked goods will only be items that are beautifully prepared and cooked *sigh*

If you’re already into the Christmas spirit and are trying to decide what to buy a loved one then how about this – your very own toy venereal disease. It could also prove a really useful way to break uncomfortable news to someone. You hand over the present, they open it and discover that it is a lovely venereal disease “Er… thanks, you gave me gonorrhoea” they say. This then gives you the excellent opportunity to reply to that with “Er… now you mention it, that isn’t the first time I’ve given it to you.” A truly excellent way to start those awkward conversations. You can also buy ones for bad breath, acne, Lyme disease, e-coli, salmonella and even the black death. The picture above is of a flesh eating disease, by the way. There’s something for everyone.

On an entirely unrelated note, today is actually A’s birthday. So once again I raise a cup of tea to my friend and say “happy birthday”.

Have a good weekend all.


the vicious chicken said...

Gosh, well, those toy microbes are... different! I think I might stick to monkeys though, if it's all the same to you. (Although they're probably not as good for starting off those awkward conversations) :o)

Random Reflections said...

VC - They are different indeed - but maybe the answer to the secret santa dilemma so many people have at Christmas every year. Surely the perect gift to give to any colleague??