Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creature Comforts

If while you were talking to someone on the phone you said to them “I did actually phone because I wanted to speak to you about something” would you perhaps expect them to ask what that thing was? If they then phoned you back a bit later and asked if they were in trouble for talking too much and not giving you the chance to speak and you said “yes”, wouldn’t you then expect to be give the opportunity to say what it was that you had wanted to speak about? I sometimes think that I must be speaking to myself because if I am actually talking out loud nobody seems to be hearing what I am actually saying!

Anyway... on to other matters... In the next day or so, this website should spring to life with some new animations called Creature Discomforts. There’s a brief clip on there at the moment and if you watch it a few times you’ll notice more and more details about it. I’m looking forward to the others *thinks* – and of course the very important message about disability.

My favourite character in the Creature Comforts series was the hamster, so I here are some clips. It’s the little things...

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